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Tan Cress

Interactive Sisal Rope Cat Toy Set: 3 Rustling Sound Balls with Pea Pod Storage

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Color — Green

1. Charming and Playful Design: Featuring a cute pea shape and vibrant green color, this toy resembles a natural forest scene, captivating cats with its lifelike appearance.
2. Perfect Gift Idea: Ideal for placement in areas where cats and small pets frequent, providing them with an engaging play and scratching surface, effectively reducing their tendency to damage indoor furniture.
3. Premium Quality Materials: Crafted from natural sisal material, the toy ball is wrapped in durable sisal rope, ensuring safe and healthy play for cats. Its wear-resistant and chew-resistant design minimizes damage to furniture, offering long-lasting enjoyment for pets.
4. Stimulating Sound Feature: Equipped with a built-in soundstone, this toy emits a rustling sound when shaken, enticing cats to investigate and engage in playful activities. It taps into their natural hunting instincts, encouraging chasing, biting, and capturing, thereby alleviating boredom, loneliness, anxiety, and depression.
5. Convenient Storage Solution: Includes a special pea pod-shaped storage bag for easy organization. After playtime, simply place the toy inside the storage bag to prevent loss and keep your space tidy.